Capable or Able?

I was doing some research the other day and came across a statement when I was googling something or other...

"Capable means having the potential to do something while Able means having the necessary power to accomplish."

So I was thinking... we were all born with capabilities. Capabilities to utilize our talents and skills to become whatever we were born to be. But turning our capabilities over to god gives us the extra "ABLE' to have the power to accomplish.

How many of us have a "dream"? A dream to become or to do. Some of our dreams are to be the best mom in the world or start a business empire. These dreams come from our capabilities. then when we partner with God to fulfill the dreams He has given us, the power to accomplish our dreams become exponentially greater.

I encourage you to take your Capable and give it to God to mix with His Able. Then work together to see what great things can happen!

*Originally written 9.25.2011

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